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AlRajhi seeks:

  • Enriching the pilgrim experience
  • Improving services
  • Improving customer experience

Al Rajhi Company seeks to provide its services to the pilgrims of the House of God, by providing the highest standards of hospitality and creating a set of packages that contain integrated services of high quality. We aim to take care of the guest from the moment of arrival in the lands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, until farewell and departure safely and performing the rituals of Hajj easily.

Our services

A comprehensive range of solutions to meet your needs

Hotel and accommodation

Providing places for pilgrims to stay, whether hotels or housing buildings, that suit all categories and meet all requirements through specific quality standards for selection.


Transportation and tafweej

Luxurious transportation services and easy and organized transportation according to the transportation schedules approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah


Aviation and travel

Booking airline tickets and arranging international flights and internal transportation to ensure the comfort of pilgrims


Awareness and guidance

Training courses in various fields of religious, medical, social awareness, security and safety, the Hajj Change Me Initiative, etc., starting from confirming the pilgrim’s purchase of the service until the end of the ritual and his safe return to his country.


Ground services

Providing reception and farewell services for pilgrims, as well as logistical services for their transportation and accompanying them to all their locations during the Hajj trip.


Enrich the experience

Organizing events and visits to historical places and sites in Mecca and Medina to enrich the pilgrim’s experience


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The application was launched to serve pilgrims from all over the world, through a clear vision for the sector and with unlimited generous support from the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

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